About Us


Shanu Micro Credit Association (SMC) is a microfinance company registered & licensed as Non-Profit Making Company (Non-Deposit taking) under section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956 and is exempted from the provisions of Chapter III B of the RBI Act, 1934. As per the new Companies Act, 2013, Section 25 has now become Section 8.
Shanu Micro Credit Association or SMC aims at providing financial assistance to the poor from rural and semi-urban families to strengthen their roles in society. A family is an important institution in Indian society. Just like a potter shapes the clay into a desired pot model, a woman is entrusted to shape the future of her family. She is considered as one of the pillars. SMC believes in strengthening the role of a woman in her family by providing various means of livelihood and assistance she would need in establishing herself as a micro-entrepreneur. Thus, strengthening her role in the society as a whole.
Collateral free credits are given to rural poor women, & Men who are living below poverty line and organized in to self help groups/joint liability groups with a view to providing them with a sustainable livelihood. Thus the main purpose of giving credit is the upliftment of the poor rural masses and relief to poor women.


We will see the day when all poor women in rural India have access to financial services and many of them are using this opportunity to lift their families out of poverty and to provide opportunities for a better life for their Children, while at the same time gaining self respect and better social position for themselves.


 “To provide equitable access of financial and allied services to the poor women living below poverty line and lower income households to enhance their quality of life in a sustainable manner”.


1-Shambhu Nath jha
2-Rajendra Prasad
3-Alok Kumar Singh

1-Shambhu Nath Jha(Director)
2-Shanti  Jha(Director)
3-Alok Kumar Singh(Executive Director)
4-Rambabu Singh(Additional Director)
5-Rama Shankar (Independent Director)

2-$(HR Head)
3-$(Finance & Audit Head)
4-#(Field Operation Head)
5-#(Credit Head)